Review – Spartan Gold (Fargo Adventure, #1)

6680818Title: Spartan Gold
Author: Clive Cussler
Series: Fargo Adventure, #1
Genre: Fiction – Adventure
Number of Pages: 375

My Rating: ★★☆☆


Sam and Remi Fargo, a husband and wife treasure hunting team, discover a World War II German U-Boat in the Pokomoke Swamp in Delaware. Inside, they find a wine bottle from Napoleon’s Lost Cellar. The bottle is part of a set of 12 which together reveal the location of gold pillars hidden by the Persians. Sam and Remi set out to find the bottles and the gold. But someone else is also hunting for the treasure.


Spartan Gold is an easygoing adventure with detailed information on history, science, and archaeology.

The story is sprawling, but not necessarily in a bad way. The high action moments come and go and the writing distances the reader from the action. This is not an intense book to read, but it is interesting.

I didn’t realize how much I liked this book until I picked it up again recently, about a year after I first read it. I know it had its flaws: It was sometimes too wordy. Some characters were less interesting than others. Character development was negligible. Emotion did not exist. But I can overlook those things because the story was entertaining and educational.

I loved how Cussler blends extensive research into the story. The characters are constantly exploring and learning little known stories of history. The varied locations all over the world add to the adventure. This is the first Clive Cussler book I’ve read, but the fascinating history and science will bring me back for more.

I recommend this to:

  • Adventure readers.

Have you read any books by Clive Cussler? Let me know in the comments.


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