Review – Imposter

19046428Title: Imposter
Author: Davis Bunn
Series: Premier Mystery Series
Genre: Fiction – thriller, Christian
Number of Pages: 376

My Rating: 


Matt Kelly is a new FBI agent hoping to transfer to the CIA and a foreign posting in order to escape his father’s scorn at home. When a tragedy occurs, Matt’s mission turns personal and he must use every skill he has—his gift for impersonation and his extensive martial arts training—to hunt down a killer and solve a mystery that originated in the Vietnam War.


I like stories where a character with a painful past finds wholeness and healing and learns to hope again.

This novel is like that. Matt has the makings of a great agent, even though many of his skills developed from the wounds in his life. Life gets tougher for him before it gets better, and ironically, it’s adversity that brings about healing.

I loved everything about Imposter. The characters were great. I liked the writing style. The story kept me guessing and was never predictable.

Imposter is a thoughtful and intelligent thriller. It’s exciting and action-packed but at the same time has depth and a good character arc.

I haven’t yet read a Davis Bunn book I didn’t like, but this is one of my favorites so far. This book has catapulted me into the exciting world of thrillers.

I recommend this to:

  • Anyone who likes thrillers.
  • First time thriller-readers.

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