Review – Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes

Review of Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes


Title: Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes
Author: Paul Strathern
Series: N/A
Genre: Nonfiction – biography, philosophy
Number of Pages: 96

My Rating: ★★☆☆


Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes offers an overview of the life and works of the Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard.


Before you read a book, do you look up the author and read about him/her?

That’s exactly what I wanted from this book. Before I begin reading Kierkegaard’s works, I would like to learn about his life and his worldview.

Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes provides a good general overview of Kierkegaard’s life and philosophies. This book was fascinating because Kierkegaard was a fascinating man.

Though the book was informative, it was a little hard to understand at times. The material is difficult. I just expected it to be explained more simply due to the title “…in 90 Minutes.” I assumed the book would be kind of like a For Dummies book with complex subjects explained in simple language.

Even if this book was a little complicated at times, it was still interesting and worth reading.

Kierkegaard was such a fascinating person. His life was both tragic and inspiring. I now have a much stronger understanding of his philosophies.

I’m glad I read this book. The content is worthwhile and educational, and the book is a quick read.

I recommend this to:

  • Armchair philosophers.
  • Anyone who enjoys biographies.


(Note: the best quotes in this books are the ones from Kierkegaard himself. Here are some of them along with which of Kierkegaard’s works they originally appeared in.)

• The first thing to understand is that you do not understand. – Journals

• At birth we set sail with sealed orders. – Journals

• Were I a pagan, I would say an ironic deity bestowed on humanity the gift of speech so as to amuse himself watching such a self-deception. Of course from a Christian viewpoint, God bestowed the gift of speech on humanity out of love, so making it possible for all to gain a real understanding of the Highest. Oh, with what sorrow must God look down on the result. – Journals

Have you read Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes? Or, are you interested in reading it?


2 thoughts on “Review – Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes

  1. Yes! I am interested in reading this book…along with so many others that you’ve reviewed and recommended. Thank you for another great review!

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