Review – Dashing Through the Snow

Review of Dashing Through the Snow


Title: Dashing Through the Snow
Author: Debbie Macomber
Series: N/A
Genre: Fiction – Chick lit, Christmas, Romance
Number of Pages: 256

My Rating: ★★★☆☆


Ashley Davidson, a graduate student, is on her way home to Seattle for Christmas. Dash Sutherland, a former US Army intelligence officer, is on his way to a job interview in Seattle. When they each get to the airport, they find every flight booked and only one rental car available. Ashley and Dash reluctantly agree to share the ride, not knowing that they are in store for a long and crazy adventure.


Dashing Through the Snow is a book for those days when your brain can’t handle anything more than chicken noodle soup. Reading it is easy, relaxing, and entertaining. Sometimes I need that kind of book.

Though the plot is a real stretch in some places, especially having to do with the FBI’s level of competence, I still enjoyed it. The story is sweet and even includes a little suspense. I liked the characters along with their witty dialogue.

Happily, unlike a lot of romance books, Debbie Macomber’s Christmas story is clean except for a few instances of

The book was made into a movie of the same name for the Hallmark Channel. The movie differs from the book in a number of ways, but is good in its own right.

The book does feel like a Hallmark movie, and anyone who likes chick flicks will enjoy this book.

I recommend this to:

  • Hallmark movie watchers.
  • Chick lit fans.
  • Anyone needing a quick, easy, just-for-fun book.


• “My smartphone died a terrible death.”

• “Do you know you roll your eyes a lot?” she asked.
“I didn’t before I met you.”

• Then he did something completely unexpected. He laughed.

• How was it the man could compliment and insult her in the same breath?

• “You didn’t want to mislead me, so you misled me?”

• Ashley smiled. This was turning out to be a grand adventure.


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