Review – The Patmos Deception

Review of The Patmos Deception
Review of The Patmos Deception


Title: The Patmos Deception
Author: Davis Bunn
Series: N/A
Genre: Suspense
Number of Pages: 327

My Rating: ★★★★☆


Nick Hennessy, a journalist from Texas, takes on an assignment to investigate the disappearance of historic Greek artifacts. He obtains the help of Carey Mathers, a pioneer of the field of forensic archaeology.

Meanwhile, Dimitri Rubinos, a Greek struggling with his family’s boat business, turns to shady methods to survive the failing economy.

None of them can imagine where their paths are headed, as they begin to uncover a dangerous scheme involving an ancient mystery.


Davis Bunn applies his international familiarity to this suspenseful adventure set in Greece shortly after the financial crash. This story is exciting and intriguing with characters who are diverse and compelling.dawid-zawila-126366

The quality of The Patmos Deception is excellent. The plot is interesting, and the main characters are likable, smart, and unique. Nick and Dimitri’s character arcs provide them with satisfying transformations by the end of the story. The international cast of minor characters feel authentic and add spice to the tale. I liked Dimitri’s grandmother who is wise, charming, and very Greek. She is “a woman who had heard much and experienced more.”

Descriptions in the book consist of striking imagery and metaphors. Consider:

  • “The sun was into its farewell symphony.”
  • “She played the foil to his dry wit, bouncing back ripostes without pause, playfully handling whatever he tossed her way.”
  • “Occasionally the horizon was lit by lightning off to the south, with the cloud banks flickering like giants at war.”

Reading this book is an immersion into Greek culture, history, and geography. I enjoyed the story and at the same time learned some fascinating information, especially about history and the Bible. The Patmos Deception is mystery, adventure, and a little bit of romance.

I recommend this to:

  • Fans of Clive Cussler.
  • Suspense enthusiasts.
  • World travelers.
  • Anyone who likes adventure stories with deep characters and educational value.


•  “The whole world is collapsing, and you have done your best.”

•  Like a lot of such Texans, Chronos had eyes like the business end of a carbine.

•  Finally she said, “Greece was the cradle of democracy. Everyone knows this. But modern Greece has never had a government that works.”

•  “You don’t just hear what’s said. You listen to the meaning. That’s very rare.”

•  The night was so huge and the sea so black they might as well have been traversing the heavens.

•  Nick stared out at the dark horizon, the moon a silver globe to the southwest, and recalled something a retired admiral had said during an interview. How a good military plan was one that remained intact after the first bullet was fired.


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